Borrow with Down to Zero Collateral

Redeem a loan from DeFi, with as little as no collateral. Or, lend to the next generation of DeFi borrowers.

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Borrow with as little as zero collateral.


Seamlessly connect your credit history with your Ethereum wallet.

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Borrow or lend funds - in live time - on the Ethereum blockchain.


Access the lending market from anywhere around the world.


Audit every borrow or lend transaction in the market.


No centralized party to rely on to borrow or lend.

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Borrow or lend on Ethereum with our v0 lending market prototype. Use at your own risk!

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The Zero Collateral protocol interoperates real world financial data with a lending market on Ethereum. Based on your credit history, the network is able to determine a risk profile and loan origination for your Ethereum account.

The interest rate, maximum loan size, and minimum collateral requirements will be specific to each borrower, based on the data provided. The specific calculations will vary per borrower and depend on the type of data registered through Plaid or other data sources (i.e. FICO, UpWork, GitHub, etc.).

Credit scores (really we call them risk profiles - composed of collateral req., loan size, interest rate) will be built around the data provided from new users. For example, a user who has a projected yearly income of $100k (we can see this through Plaid) may be able to receive a loan up to $5k.

In the case of full anonymity, they have to build reputation from on chain actions. An initial way is collateral decreases with interest paid back.

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